Summa Zinc Meeker | SZM Inc.

We help businesses succeed & thrive digitally.

Our specialty is the strategy, planning, and execution for a brick-and-mortar to digital business transformation. We focus on meaningful, monetary-first success metrics to ensure returns on all digital investments.

eCommerce, customer acquisition, and retention strategies delivered with consultative guidance through attribution, data analysis, and experimentation.


Many of our clients started with one or more of the following questions.

What does my business need to succeed digitally? What are the key success metrics? Where should efforts be focused? How do you start acquiring customers and sales? How much revenue is possible for my business? How do I plan for digital growth?

After working with us, the questions typically change.

Can we increase revenue on these products specifically? What experiments should we be running to improve conversion rates? What efficiencies were found in our data to enhance returns? How do we get a return from 5x to 9x and scale?


Do you have a business that requires a revenue-driven digital presence? Does your business have a large inventory of products that you would like to get online? Are you ready to start scaling your business and finding new customers?

Let us know; we can help.